Anti Rust & Corrosion Specialists
Anti Rust & Corrosion Specialists
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Anti Corrosion Company

Sealink Getting Anti Corrosion Treatment On A Truck

Here is a Sealink Logistics truck getting an anti corrosion treatment using CorrosionX. The Sealink fleet are in and out of the ferries every day meaning they are subjected to intense sea spray and a very corrosive environment. They definitely need the anti corrosion program!


A photograph illustrating some pontoons that were sandblasted and given a profile optimal for painting our marine protective coatings for the vessel. This marine building barge was 500 square metres big in total.

Protective Coatings

The darker paint on the bottom half of the pontoon is antifouling and the top have is just a top coat. Underneath these layers are 3 layers of epoxy primer and a tie coat for the antifouling. This is a job best suited for summer!

Why ProBlast & Coatings?

At ProBlast & Coatings we are passionate about what we do. Specialising in anti corrosion treatments and offer maintenance programs that will provide you with peace of mind that your investment will last you tenfold of what it would normally. Our main focus is anti corrosion which relates to not only steel rusting but to alloys, coppers, brass and all metals corroding. We can offer sandblasting, flame spray galvanizing, anti corrosion treatments and painting. These can also be anti corrosive paints, anti graffiti paints, high resistive paints. Therefore making us a one stop shop. Sandblasting and painting will give you instant change in look but it is not the ultimate in anti corrosion. Corrosion usually starts rusting from the inside out hence the need for our penetrating oils that will protect from the inside out. We will guide you with the best options for your requirements.


"ProBlast was efficient, on time, knowledgeable and particular ensuring that I was happy with the job. Recommend his services to anyone."

Paul & Donna Kerridge

"We needed some Corrosion X for rust prevention on our Motorhome, Duran was able to do this the next day, in 2 hours & for a good price. Excellent service, would recommend the product & the firm to anyone."

Christian Boston

Motorhome Owner

"What great service and awesome product! Thanks duran definatly 100% reccomend for anyone with a boat/Jetski trailer etc etc"

Lee Ingram

Hibiscus Jetski Hire

Mike Monigatti – Hiway Stabilizers Workshop Manager