About ProBlast & Coatings Ltd – The Anti Corrosion Specialists

ProBlast & Coatings Ltd workshop is at 1045 Kaipara Coast Highway, Kaukapakapa but is also a mobile business. Equipped with all the necessary plant and equipment and items and do not require any electricity, water etc from our customers. Auckland based but can offer nationwide service. We are anti corrosion specialists and will offer the ultimate solution for you!

After having 18 years of electrical and electronics as a profession I have been dealing with far too many insect infestations and moisture corrosion on the circuit boards, cabling etc. Along with Electrical I have been dealing with automatic gates, doors, access control systems etc and have become focused on corrosion.

Almost everything built today from steel is only painted or powder coated and not galvanised first. This is not going to protect your items. Therefore it is inevitable that a scratch or dent will occur which is the seed in corrosion forming.

People spend good money on vehicles, ride-on mowers, boats and trailers, aircrafts, automatic gates and almost every thing we use on a daily basis and it just becomes a disposable item unless we look after it.

If the right product is not applied then major expenses are expected to get the item back to a healthy standard.

People assume that alloy is free from corrosion but that is not true - oxidisation forms on alloy and gives it a white powdery surface which is not desirable.

With the services and products offered we aim to maintain all of your valued items. The focus of our business is to offer ongoing maintenance which is a fraction of the cost of major repairs.

When we undertake a task, we are not after doing half the corrosion removal or anticorrosion treatments only.
Rust has to be treated 100% and not say 75%.
If it is a difficult task gaining access to the other 25% and are asked to only work with where we have access to, we will not undertake a job knowing that we will not be treating the full extent of the corroded area as this will only spread again and take control.

We're stockists and applicators of the best anti corrosion product available.

Apart from Corrosion, ProBlast & Coatings can look after all your paint with our amazing products we stock and apply.

These products are the best on the market by far offering protection against UV, bird droppings, general dirt etc and are also multipurpose so not only for paint but glass, etc.

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Looking forward to working with you. - Duran Callaghan

Duran Callaghan - Founder of Prolast Coatings