Example of flame spray galvanizing on a forklift

Flame spray galvanizing is best suited for non box section items as we cannot galvanise internal sections. If you have items fabricated using angle iron, “c” channel, universal beams or flat plate then flame spray galvanising is brilliant. Our equipment is mobile so we can come to you or you can bring items to us. This photo is of a forklift that we sandblasted and galvanized to illustrate how the coating will appear.

Benefits Of Flame Spray Galvanizing

  1. Protect new structural welds
  2. Eliminates future rusting
  3. Eliminates the need for a primer or undercoat
  4. Can be a thicker zinc layer than hot dip galvanizing
  5. No warping of materials as this is applied at low heat.

Pre-galvanised steel is only 40 microns thick, hot dip galvanising is 100 microns thick but flame spray galvanising is customisable to any thickness.

Flame spray coatings are naturally rough which is great if you want to paint over so no etching is required unlike pre-galvanised or hot dip galvanised surfaces.

If you have a car that or steel item that has been rusting and has pitted marks then we can build that surface up with zinc which is far superior to the traditional “bog” that Panelbeaters would use. 

Almost everything we buy is only mild or black still and has been either painted over or powder coated so rather that let it rust away bring it to us and once it is stripped back to bare steel then we can galvanize it for you and if desired we can paint it also. 

On bridges or other permanent fixtures that are too heavy to transport there are often repair welds that need to be carried out but the issue is the steel will rust unless protected. However we can come to site and galvanize the welds and surrounding areas creating a long lasting structure.  Large marine vessels may have holes in them from bashing into rocks. Once these are welded shut they are prone to rusting again. However we can also come to the boat yard and galvanize these areas. 

Different Coatings Available But Not Limited To:

  • Zinc
  • Zinc-Allum
  • Alloy
  • Stainless
  • Copper
  • Bronze