Why you need to come to us and discuss our paints and paint protection (protective coatings). Firstly we sandblast your barge, yacht, digger, truck chassis or whatever you contracted us for. Secondly you are going to need it painted now. Therefore we have set up to offer you our protective industrial coatings. Perhaps you would like to paint it yourself then we can at least paint a primer on it for you to avoid it rusting before you have a chance to carry on painting. The products we use are solely protective coatings ranging from:

A marine pontoon that is in the process of being painted with our Paints & Protection (Protective Coatings)

A Perfect Example Of Our Paints & Protection (Protective Coatings) This Is A Marine Building Barge Painted With 3 Layers Of Epoxy Primers, A Tie Coat, An Anti Foul And A Top Coat.

Types Of Paints / Protective Coatings We Offer

  • Epoxy Primers
  • Anti Corrosion Primers And Undercoats
  • Rust Converters
  • High Resistant Coatings
  • High Heat Coatings
  • Anti Graffiti Coatings
  • Anti Fouling

We are not offering finishes like on the bodies of cars but more like the finish on barges or diggers or truck chassis’s. However our paints and paint protection (protective coatings) are the best protection there is. Ultimately we don’t boast the look of a perfect finish yet more the protection of an ultimate coating where it is required. However we can offer polymer coatings and similar which are the best UV protection for your superbly painted vehicle, yacht etc. Not only UV protection but also against bird droppings and the likes. These create a hydrophobic layer which is extremely easy to clean. These polymer coatings can be applied to paint, glass, mirrors, plastics and more offering all round protection.

Paint Protection

Our paint protection will combat the harsh New Zealand sun and the terrible bird droppings or the road grime we get flicked up on our vehicles. Therefore you will want to protect your investment by having us apply a polymer coating or a wax.