Explaining the benefits of CorrosionX by Problast & Coatings Ltd.

Specializing in rust removal and protection, as well as anti corrosion treatments. ProBlast & Coatings protects trucks, motor homes, boat trailers, 4×4’s, horse floats and any metal items prone to corrosion.

Rust Removal & Protection Services

We can sandblast your items or use rust removers on them and then flame spray galvanise and or paint them. Alternatively we have different anti corrosion penetrating products that will not give your rusty or corroded item a facelift but will penetrate everywhere offering ultimate protection.

Start Your Anti Corrosion Program Today!

Corrosion starts from day 1 so when you drive your brand new motorhome out the dealership or your new ute or digger or anything you have invested a lot of money in, it is rusting / corroding away. Jump onto our anti corrosion program immediately and start protecting your investment. Our program can and will neutralise rust and corrosion but it is better to prevent it from day 1!

Items We Can Protect From Corrosion


A Sealink truck getting a CorrosionX treatment.

Trucks subjected to sea salt, fertilisers, rubbish, cattle etc are all prone to extensive corrosion. Your trucks are key to any large business so look after them by joining our anti corrosion program today.

Motor Homes

A motor home is a big investment. Let us protect it with an anti corrosion maintenance program. Covi Advantage policy holders get 10% off their CorrosionX applications.


An Atlas Concrete sand dredging barge getting a full CorrosionX anti corrosion treatment

Boats from a small tin fishing boat all the way up to the Fullers Ferries or the Atlas Concrete sand dredging barges get our anti corrosion treatments ensuring they are going to last.


Trailers especially for boats or horses are prone to rust and cost as much to repair as to replace. Boat trailers can’t be regalvanized so get onto our antI corrosion program and make sure you don’t face big bills down the line.


DroneTech ute getting a CorrosionX application

If you launch your boat or drive on the beach every weekend of the year then get onto our anti corrosion treatment which needs to be applied once a year for a rust & corrosive free enjoyable 4×4!